Biologic Medicine Therapies


Placental Tissue Matrix (PTM) is an all-natural product that utilizes powerful growth factors, collagens, extracellular proteins and bioactive molecules that are naturally found in human placental tissues. These placental tissue components may provide your body with the foundation it needs to reduce pain and inflammation, restore tissue and reduce scarring.

PTM is applied directly to the area of injured or damaged tissue under experienced ultrasound guidance. This biologic treatment replaces the body’s missing connective tissue matrix, which is a natural interconnected system of collagens, extracellular proteins and bioactive molecules that provide the structure, integrity, and replenishment of the body’s various tissues.

Common conditions PTM is used for includes rotator cuff and labral tears, calcific tendon, frozen shoulder, facet joint disorders, tennis elbow, stress fractures, bursitis, synovitis, tendinitis, tendinosis, osteoarthritis, degenerated joints, ACL, PCL and meniscus tears, peripheral neuropathy, tendon, ligament and muscle strains, turf toe, plantar fasciitis, and heel pain.

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